Everyone wants to have perfectly aligned teeth, but unfortunately, that is not the case with many people. Having misaligned teeth can be due to genetics or the environment, but there is a way to rectify that thanks to modern dentistry, particularly orthodontics.

Poor teeth structure not only ruins a smile and looks less appealing, but it can also lead to other problems in the mouth and the jaw. If you have recurrent issues about your oral health, it could be due to poor teeth structure. Here are the different problems that can arise due to poor teeth structure.

Jaw Misalignment And Pain

The way your teeth sit in your mouth can cause jaw misalignment or pain in your jaws. For instance, when your jaw is smaller, and you have overcrowded teeth, it causes jaw misalignment when you close your mouth since there is not enough space to align well. That can add more pressure on your jaw since there are teeth in places where there shouldn’t be making you adjust your bite or move your mouth in ways that it is not meant to.

Bite Problems

Poor teeth structure can lead to bite issues. Bite problems that can arise include:

Underbite refers to when your upper front teeth are behind your lower front teeth.

  • An overbite results when the front teeth feature vertical and horizontal overlaps.
  • An open bite- the teeth do not function well as they should.
  • A crossbite is when an upper tooth is behind the lower opposite tooth.

Any bite problem can lead to difficulty chewing, trauma to front teeth, or fractured teeth. It can also extend the severity of teeth and speech problems and reduce the ability to restore the teeth. Therefore the earlier you seek the treatment, the better. 

Tongue Or Cheek Biting

Poor teeth structure can also lead to frequent tongue and cheek biting, especially when chewing food or gum. When your jaw is misaligned, chewing becomes difficult as your cheek and tongue often get in the way. This is very dangerous as it can cause severe pain or a wound that never heals. It may not seem a problem to many people, but it is if it happens frequently.

Speech Problems

Speech problem is another issue that is likely to arise when you have poor teeth and gum structure. Bite problems and jaw misalignment can cause speech issues such as lisps which are especially common with overbites because the front teeth don’t work as they should.

Once the poor structure of teeth is corrected, the teeth problem is eliminated hence better speech. Although it is not easy to eliminate the speech problem, the earlier the teeth are fixed, the better the chances.

Bad Breath

Having crooked teeth can make it challenging to brush them clean, causing bad breath problems. You may be wondering why you have chronic bad breath, and the reason might be because of poor teeth structure. But you can correct that by having the teeth aligned with braces.

The Bottom Line

There is more to crooked teeth than they look. They can lead to oral health problems and speech problems, so it’s best to address them as early as possible. Dominic Thorncroft has a blog full of detailed explanations on various scenarios within the dentistry industry, he can help.