Using CBD for Dental Care


Why has CBD become so important in recent years? There surely must be some reason behind the veritable explosion in use of CBD products such as CBD vapes, CBD gummies, and CBD Oil. The primary reason, along with its increasing legality and availability, is that research (currently ongoing) seems to reveal a new health application for CBD every other week! Yammy CBD, a company specializing in CBD products, say that it is CBD’s versatility, particularly where health is concerned, which has seen its use, availability, and popularity explode.

CBD has been traditionally associated with cannabis culture, mainly on account of its derivation from the cannabis plant. However, the astonishing number of health benefits of CBD, as well as the fact it is a different chemical from THC and therefore does not induce a high, has seen CBD products totally transcend the stoner culture with which they were originally associated. Truly, CBD’s versatility has led to a great diversity in the number of people who use it and for what reason. Perhaps no application of CBD illustrates this better than its use in dental care.

Uses of CBD in Dentistry

CBD products are well known for their pain-alleviating properties. There is CBD supplements for addressing chronic pain, and there are even topical CBD gels for application to local injuries. Yammy CBD affirm that it is perhaps CBD’s ability to alleviate pain and tension which has made it such a top rate health product today.

As everybody knows, painkillers and anesthetics are a big part of modern dentistry. There are the heavy-duty anesthetics that are typically used when actual dental work is being performed. But then there is also a whole other area involving products to help with chronic dental pain the rest of the time. From irritated gums to wisdom tooth pain, millions find relief when using CBD products for these quite common dental ailments.

How Does it Work?

But what is it about CBD that makes it so useful for these applications? CBD affects the endocannabinoid system, which the body relies on to encourage cell-to-cell communication – including the sensation of pain. The body naturally contains endocannabinoid receptors, and it is to these which CBD bonds, thereby helping to relieve pain.

Moreover, it isn’t just acute pain that can be treated. CBD also confers all sorts of other health benefits, including helping reduce anxiety, muscle tension, and general stress. It is therefore also used for sleep problems, anxiety disorders, and even for things like epilepsy or chronic nausea.

Dental Uses for CBD

Given its great versatility, CBD can also be used for dental issues in a number of ways. Here follows some of them:

Relieving Dental Anxiety

Dentistry is a naturally intrusive practice when it comes to the body. We all feel a quite natural revulsion at foreign objects being thrust inside our mouths. Dental anxiety is therefore a quite common problem and so the anxiety relief offered by CBD can help with this.

Improving Sleep

Dental problems take on a whole new dimension of trouble when they start interfering with sleep. If you take a topical painkiller (e.g., clove oil) or used painkilling medication, it is always possible that these can wear off during the night, waking you up with the pain. CBD promotes a full night’s sleep in tandem with its pain-relieving properties.

Reducing Inflammation

Oral inflammation can be caused by both dental problems and the work that needs to be done to relieve them. Thankfully, CBD has noted anti-inflammatory properties and promotes a general reduction in inflammation.

When viewed in this way, CBD for dental issues is something of a no-brainer.