Ways to Use Granola

Granolas are an excellent gateway as they are not just inviting. They are also a snack with a snackable crunchy texture and sweet taste.

In addition, it is simple to find them in local supermarkets, online, and in convenience stores. That means you will not find it necessary to go to a specialty store to buy granola.

Granolas are also common snacks among health-conscious foodies and individuals alike. After getting it from one of the granola India stores, you can consume the snack in the following ways:

1. Use Ice Cream

Among the best ways to eat granola is to enjoy it alongside your favorite ice cream. The salty and sweet flavor of granolas usually blends well with decadent and creamy ice cream.

Ice cream with berries and granola takes an indulgent treat as well as offers it a makeover. Every bite will be filled with a hint of tartness, crunch, and sweetness.

With the creamy texture, though with packed nutrition, you may enjoy this dish as a snack or after a meal.

2. As Peanut Butter Balls

This might sound complicated. But in the real sense, it is not. All you need to do is mix around two tablespoons of honey, two cups of granola, four tablespoons of milk, and three tablespoons of peanut butter in a big bowl.

Stir it to form several balls, then put them in a refrigerator overnight. You can grab two or three of those balls on your way to the office.

3. Nutty Granola and Roasted Veggies

A great crunch is an important part of a good salad experience too. This is normally achieved using granola with fresh produce such as radish and carrots.

All these better options and a bounty of fresh vegetables found during summer and spring make for many options.

You will never go wrong with a mixture of roasted veggies and nutty granola. After roasting onions, beets, carrots, or green beans, top them with several granola sprinkles.

4. Prepare Banana Sushi with Granola

Banana Sushi is basically a simple yet super health snack you may give to your kids. In order to make it more filling and nutritious, consider adding some granolas.

To prepare this, take one or two bananas, spread on two tablespoons of peanut butter, and add three tablespoons of granola. Finish this off by adding confetti sprinkles for some fun and color.

5. Add Granola to Your Soup

Soup is great, but it might be difficult to make it exciting and tasty until you consider bringing granola into the mix.

Just add a ½ cup of your granola to your vegetable-based soup. This can either be cauliflower or tomato soap.

Final Remarks!

Granolas are much-loved snacks among the food-lovers and health-conscious people. Granola blended with different products, like ice cream, vegetable-based soup, and Banana Sushi will always lead to something healthier and tastier.

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